The PUCO Explains Green Pricing Programs

Green pricing programs

Ohio’s green pricing options offer electric consumers the opportunity to support alternative energy sources by paying a premium in addition to their regular utility bill. Several competitive retail electric suppliers also offer green options.

Will “green” electricity be delivered to my home or business if I participate in green pricing?

Under this program, you should not expect to receive “green” electricity. However, through your participation, you are supporting the generation of electricity from alternative electric generating sources. Imagine the electric system (i.e., the “electric grid”) as a giant box. Electric generators add electricity to the box, while customers take electricity from the box. By participating in green pricing, you wouldn’t know exactly what you were taking from the box when you use electricity. However, your actions would ensure that more electricity from alternative energy sources is added to this box thereby reducing contributions from other sources of electric generation.

How much would it cost me to participate in green pricing?

That depends on what program you select and your level of participation.

What types of alternative energy sources would I be supporting if I participate in green pricing?

Depending upon the plan selected, sources may include wind, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, landfill gas, biogas digesters, hydropower, coal mine methane, biomass co-firing of agricultural crops and woody waste, compressed air, geothermal, fuel cells and waste coal.

Do I have to participate?

Participation in green pricing is completely voluntary.

How can I tell how much electricity I typically use?

Your electricity usage, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), appears on your monthly electric bill. A typical Ohio household consumes, on average, approximately 800 kWh per month. For example, if you wanted to participate at a level to offset that average monthly electric consumption, you would need to purchase eight 100 kWh blocks.

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Can any customer participate in green pricing?

Currently, Capital Energy offers green pricing to our residential customers.

How do I sign up for green pricing?

Enroll by contacting Capital Energy by phone 855-322-7448 or visit us online at www.Capital.Energy

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