Capital.Energy is a locally owned and operated competitive retail electric supplier servicing residential and commercial customers across the state of Ohio. Capital is a collaborative, enthusiastic and competitive company focusing on integrity, exceptional customer support, and making sure we keep money in our customers’ pockets. As experts in the energy industry, we are able to answer your questions about the overall benefit of energy deregulation, trends in our industry, and the various offerings for Ohio residents and business owners.

History and Background on Capital.Energy:

Capital.Energy is a Certified Retail Electric Service (CRES) Provider authorized by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to provide power for commercial and residential customers in the state of Ohio. Capital.Energy markets to all customers within the state, and is currently active in all 4 utilities – these are AEP, Duke, DP&L and First Energy. We are a full member of PJM Interconnection, LLC (PJM). PJM is a Regional Transmission Organization that organizes the overall grid serving 13 states and the District of Columbia. Capital.Energy has the necessary experience to effectively analyze the current market conditions and provide a substantial savings to customers that it secures through its marketing efforts. Capital.Energy began operating in 2014 and has doubled in size every year of operation.

Core Values

Integrity. Capital.Energy is driven by this principal and it shows in the result of every effort. We operate with a high level of integrity and represent ourselves, our team, our product and our customers in a way that makes us feel good about how we conduct our business. Our customers, brokers, partners, vendors and associates will know that they are dealing with a company that treats people right. When we ask ourselves, “Did we do the right thing?” The answer to this question needs to be “yes”, in every instance and for our associates to know that this is how we operate. We build strong partnerships, always working towards harmonious and continuous relationships with our customers and referrals. We stand behind our employees, partners and, most importantly, our customers. We will do everything that we can to ensure the best support for each of these groups.

Customer-Service Focus

By being experts in the industry, we are able to answer any and all questions about supplying electricity, offerings, fixed and variable rates, trends in our industry and the overall benefit of deregulation for Ohio residents and business owners. Smart Acquisition. Growth of our company begins with finding great people. Our people understand and exemplify the Capital.Energy qualities that include integrity, customer focused interactions, and profitable business decisions that make sense for everyone involved. We do business where it makes sense and will not lose money to win a customer, but we will offer our best pricing available and if it makes sense for everyone, we move forward. This is not always the case, but we try to be logical, prudent and fair in our interactions.