What is budget billing?

We are proud to offer budget billing to our customers. Budget billing is a great way to aid in planning out your expenses for the month and even the whole year. It’s one more way you can make your life easier and remove some guesswork.

What exactly is budget billing?

Budget Billing provides a way for customers to pay the same amount each month for generation service.

How is budget billing calculated?

The budget amount is based on a projection of your energy usage for the remainder of your contract calculated using your past 12 months’ usage, where available, plus a small adder in order to minimize future true-ups. The overall balance will be displayed on your bill each month and will be trued up in your last month of service unless you request an update based upon a large disparity between the amount charged and your actual usage. Capital.Energy will also review your bill periodically and discuss any necessary adjustments with you in order to better align the budget bill amount with your actual usage.

Am I eligible for Budget Billing?

Yes, all residential customers and commercial customers with a “Small Commercial” contract are eligible.