Capital.Energy Renewable Energy Offers

Non-Solar (Green offering)

When selecting our green offering, you are supporting environmentally friendly, renewable resources.

Solar (Solar offering)

When selecting our Solar offering, you are supporting environmentally friendly, renewable solar resources

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Go Green to Protect the Environment and Your Business’ Energy Costs

The state of Ohio requires 5.5% of the electricity supplied by utilities and electricity providers like Capital.Energy to be from renewable energy resources.  Capital.Energy’s electricity supply can contain more – Capital.Energy goes above and beyond that requirement because protecting the environment is a core value and our customers desire it. Renewable energy certificates, also known as renewable energy credits, enable businesses, organizations, and individuals to reduce the environmental impact of their energy use and support renewable energy projects. A REC represents the environmental benefits (but not the electricity) associated with one megawatt-hour of renewable energy generated. RECs may be generated from different resources, but one thing remains the same: They exist to create a market that enables renewable energy projects to financially compete with lower-priced fossil fuels.

Benefits of Choosing Renewable Energy for your business:

  • – By choosing to go green you have the benefit of knowing you are contributing to the reduction of our carbon footprint.
  • – Renewable energy can provide a fulfilment just by knowing that you are protecting the environment for the many generations to come.
  • – You are supporting renewable energy resources and encouraging more such resources to be used.
  • – It reduces our dependence on foreign fossil fuels which leads to job creation.

What is a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)?

Your purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) supports renewable electricity production in the region of generation. For every unit of renewable electricity generated, an equivalent amount of RECs is produced, and by purchasing and pairing RECs with your electricity service you are using and receiving the benefits of that renewable electricity. You will continue to receive a separate electricity bill from your utility for electricity service [if applicable]. Your REC purchase also helps build a market for renewable electricity. Increased demand for and generation of renewable electricity helps reduce conventional electricity generation in the region where the renewable electricity generator is located. It also has other local and global environmental benefits which may include emitting little or no regional air pollution or carbon dioxide.