What Our Residential Customers Say

Customer One

By John | Date

I was pleasantly surprised by your very quick response to my question and how thorough your answer was. It was nice to only have to send one email and have all my questions answered.

Customer Two

By Kara | Date

Capital.Energy not only offers exceptional customer service, but they have helped my family and I save money on our energy costs! It’s easy to sign up and if you are in their service area, I recommend giving them a call to see how much money your family could save too! Their staff was most helpful in answering any questions I had and making sure I felt comfortable with the decision I was making.

Customer Three

By Jeff | Date

Capital.Energy has been great! I have used them at my home for 3+ years and have truly saved money on a monthly basis! Their Customer Service team is quick to respond to any questions I may have, and I feel I can trust them with my energy needs. If you are thinking of trying them out, I highly suggest it!